Think Green AND High-Performance Building

One of the wonderful things about building a green home is that it will help you meet multiple goals (such as lowering your carbon footprint, getting better indoor air quality and lowering utility bills). But what if your home could do even more?

Increasingly, people interested in building green homes are moving toward creating high performance homes. By adopting this holistic building philosophy and giving careful consideration to the design and materials that go into your house, it’s possible to create living environments that meet a host of goals, not just your environmental ones.

There are two schools of thought on how to build high performance homes. The first is to take advantage of the best and newest building science available. The second is to stick to tried-and-true natural building methods that have created quality, healthy homes for generations. Take time to research both and see which is right for you. It’s possible that adopting elements from both will deliver the best possible outcome.