Natural Materials, Sustainable Building

Healthy Building Solutions Since 1993

  • Sustainable  Design  The Shelterworks team will connect you with leading edge designers who can help you design a healthy building to meet your needs.

High Performance Building Materials

  • Faswall® Natural Wall Blocks Building Material is for Innovative Builders Who Want Simpler, Greener, Healthier, Better Buildings that Will Last for Generations
  • Air and Vapor Control
    Siga Vapor tapes. Breathable buildings are Healthy Buildings.
  • Stucco + Plaster Solutions
    Natural Lime.  Shelterworks is the exclusive US distributor of Secil Lime for Plaster + Stucco
  • Natural Mineral Fiber Insulation
    Semi-rigid board Mineral Fiber insulation for higher R-values, naturally.
Shelterworks Healthy Building Products
Virginia Faswall Farm home
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High Performance Walls

Faswall Faswall® is a healthy building system, similar to Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Blocks.

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Sustainable Design

Learn more about designing a sustainable home, and stay tuned, we'll be adding links to suggested designers.

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Air and Vapor Control

Gaps between Mass walls, like Faswall, and windows and doors, both interior and exterior are thermal leaks. We will be carrying Siga products to provided vetted solutions.

Plaster and Stucco 

Shelterworks recommends Secil NHL (Natural Hydraulic Lime) 3.5.  It is moderately hydraulic, recommended when moderate strengths and better freeze-thaw resistance are required.

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Natural insulation. Mineral Based, non-toxic, no plastics, no out-gassing.  Shelterworks has  preferred lines of Natural insulation to help you up the R Value in your building, the healthy way.

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Non Toxic Garden Beds

Durable GreenBed’s raised garden bed kits are the best choice for serious gardeners. Easy to assemble,  beautiful,  one foot and two foot tall elevated garden beds made with our raised bed kit make gardening easy. The breathable, non-toxic material improves garden yields, and the height makes tending your flowers or vegetables a breeze.

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