Our Sustainable Building Philosophy

Our Goal is to Help Clients Build Human-centered Healthy, Sustainable Buildings

Healthy Building Design

Sustainable design emphasizes the needs of infrastructure, lower energy consumption, durability, and recyclability. To ensure good indoor air quality, the product development for household use should aim to reduce material susceptibility to contaminants such as mold.  - NIH

...Failures to control indoor air risks have huge economic consequences in the form of health care costs, lost working days, and personal costs to individuals (). Consequently, investments in developments that pursue enhanced human health and well-being through healthier indoor environments should not be seen as business nuisances but should be weighed against the benefits gained.


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1. Natural Materials

Building with natural materials with no toxins, plastics, foams.

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2. High Performance Building

Net Zero is goal, but energy efficiency is what we bring to the table.

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3. Sustainable Living

Lifecycle evaluation of products, reducing waste, and lowering maintenance all contribute to sustainable, quality living.

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4. Healthy Homes

Non-toxic, natural materials that last. Breathable solutions that resist mold, mildew and moisture build up.  Less gassing, fewer particles, healthier environment.

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